IFISA Assembly Meeting 05 September 2023

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13th International FISO Seminar Presentations

13th International FISO Seminar by IFISA

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We have organized a special room rates at two different hotels in Copenhagen for the delegates that are looking to stay at the venue during the seminar.

Phoenix Hotel Copenhagen where the 13th International FISO Seminar seminar will take place, is located on Bredgade in the middle of the historic and vibrant Frederiksstaden quarter.

Wakeup Copenhagen in Borgergade is located in the centre of Copenhagen and designed by the famous Danish architect Kim Utzon. The hotel is characterised by minimalist design and high quality.

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The historic hotel accommodate nine room categories, which for instance offer you a view to the prominent street Bredgade, the copper dome of The Marble Church and a blissful atmosphere in our private inner court.

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Wakeup Copenhagen in Borgergade is located in the centre of Copenhagen and designed by the famous Danish architect Kim Utzon. The hotel is characterised by minimalist design and high quality. A modern, budget-friendly hotel in the city centre – close to attractions, shopping and city buzz.

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Scheduled Topics

EASA / ICAO Update

The 13th International FISO Seminar participants will get an update on the latest developments and regulation updates form EASA and ICAO.

Digital Towers

Today, Digital Towers are transforming the way air traffic is controlled. It’s a technology that’s making airports around the world safer, more flexible and efficient.
With more than 5 years’ experience of running an outstanding technical digital tower solution in live operation, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions
(SDATS) can offer all kinds of support needed to get a digital tower solution started and kept running.

Panel Discussion

IFISA will host a panel debate on the following subjects

  • AFIS
  • Rules and regulations
  • Training and proficiency requirements for FISOs.
  • Remote TWR

Remote AFIS in Indonesia

With almost 100 AFIS units and 2 FIS centers, Indonesia will present how they operate remote AFIS in world’s largest country consisting only of islands.

Human Factor

Human factor professional will help the 13th International FISO Seminar delegates, understand the physical, behavioral, cognitive, and social characteristics of aviation professionals and the impact on safety, efficiency, performance, and reliability in Airspace System.

Offshore pilot

How is the life of an offshore pilot? How it is to set down on a tiny landing platform in the middle of the night, with few visual cues? What are the provided information services? Meet some of the toughest outside of military flying jobs.

UK Airspace Modernisation Strategy (AMS)

Of particular focus within the refreshed AMS is the UK’s approach to lower levels of airspace, where CAA intends to deploy aerodrome and area flight information services in-line with ICAO principles, Traffic Information Service Broadcast (TIS-B) and Flight Information Service Broadcast (FIS-B), enhanced airspace sharing, electronic obstruction beacons, and voluntary submission of flight intent data and BVLOS RPAS/UAS operations. Integration of airspace users in the lower airspace is a critical piece of the UK’s modernisation puzzle.

Joint Military/Civil Copenhagen ACC

A presentation on the unique project of a joint military / civil ACC in Copenhagen will be held in  International FISO Seminar 2023. Participants will also have the oportunity to visit the premises where all en-route services are provided in Copenhagen. The visit is scheduled for the 8th of September.

For the visit to the Joint Civil/Military ACC Copenhagen on September 8th, there will be a bus transfer form Phoenix Hotel Copenhagen at 09:00. Please note that a valid photo ID is necessary for security reasons!

Remote Towers

Deployed in a Remote Digital Tower scenario, Frequentis Digital Tower solutions enable the remote provision of ATC services from different geographic locations, using a multitude of local sensors to give controllers the situational awareness needed to safely operate an airport. An ATM-grade network provides reliability and performance to safely connect the remote airport with the remote tower control centre.

IFISA Seminar 2023 and Assembly Meeting Agenda

5th–7th of September 2023 | Phoenix Copenhagen – Gyldensteen Conference Hall

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