Day: June 30, 2023

UK Airspace Modernisation Strategy (AMS) Of particular focus within the refreshed AMS is the UK’s approach to lower levels of airspace, where CAA intends to deploy aerodrome and area flight information services in-line with ICAO principles, Traffic Information Service Broadcast (TIS-B) and Flight Information Service Broadcast (FIS-B), enhanced airspace sharing, electronic obstruction beacons, and voluntary submission of flight intent data and [...]
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Human Factor Human factor professional will help the 13th International FISO Seminar delegates, understand the physical, behavioral, cognitive, and social characteristics of aviation professionals and the impact on safety, efficiency, performance, and reliability in Airspace System.
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REMOTE AFIS IN INDONESIA With almost 100 AFIS units and 2 FIS centers, Indonesia will present how they operate remote AFIS in world’s largest country consisting only of islands.
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