Presentations Day 1

Presentations Day 2

  • EASA Update – Jouko Ranta (.pptx 1,885 KB)

    Jouko’s response to an attendee’s question that was not possible to answer on spot:

    Q: Does the EASA Remote Aerodromes ATS Guidance material provide information on how many aerodromes can be simultaneously provided with ATS service in multiple mode of operations?

    A: EASA GM suggests, based on SESAR validation exercises, that the multiple mode of operation can be applied for the simultaneous provision of ATS to two low-density aerodromes by a single ATCO/AFISO. Further information on the local safety assessment can be found from point 4.2 of EASA GM (issue 3). Also particular attention should be paid to the definition of the number of unit endorsements that ATCO/AFISO can concurrently hold and maintain. Based on the information gathered from the implementation feedback and from discussions with stakeholders, current experience indicates that three concurrent unit endorsements can be held and maintained safely, in compliance with applicable requirements

  • Fatigue and fatigue management¬†– Sofi Wadsj√∂ (EPN) (.pdf 1,104 KB)

  • UK Airspace Modernization Strategy – Chris Waldron, Nigel Ibbetson (.pptx 12,142 KB)

  • Integrated Civil/Military ACC – Mark Borggild (NAVIAIR) (.pptx 12,270 KB)


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